Art Attack Blog, Week 5, term 3


For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel.

With Mrs Marsh I learned about foreground, midground and background in landscapes.
With Mr Forman I learned about colour and complementary colours.
With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.

(don’t copy this: Write about some of the following things)
  • water colour - wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry)

  • I would like to try (water colour, pastel, paint) if I did another landscape because it is fun

My learning Goals for Term 3


I have been identifying my literacy goals for the start of term 3.

My reading teacher is Mr Rule.

My writing  teacher is Mr Rule.

So What?

My handwriting goal is to form all of my letters from top to bottom, left to right.

My spelling goal is to complete list 6

My writing goal is to write about a moment in time using a picture prompt.

My reading goal is to use several pieces of information to make inferences (on information not

My blog goal is  to  add more detail to my blog post.

my highlights

in term 2 we  have been learning lots of fun things including

  • pp time
  • free writing 
  • b ball
  • SSR
  • cross country 

IHBL: a hip routine
        to combine different movements in to a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
So What?

        My favourite movement / dance was charlstin
         (write about the performance on Friday evening)

Now what?

        I would like to do further dance lessons


I have been learning to solve addition problems by first jumping by a tidy number then jumping back
I have been learning to solve addition problems by using compensating from tidy numbers

So What?
I have learned that when you have an equation like 73 - 28  = you can either add the same number to both sides, or you can subtract the same number from both sides. 

Now What?
My next step is to use this strategy independently

Blog Post Term 1 Week 6

Think about the Reciprocal Reading lessons you have done with your Literacy teacher. See the email about this week’s blog post and copy this information.

I am learning about reciprocal reading.
So what?
I have learned that reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders. Everyone is expected to contribute.
Now what?
Two areas I want to get better at are reading and listing